About Us

Our Vision
To be the best privately owned and locally operated security service provider in Ghana.

Our Mission
To provide the most cost effective and efficient security services to clients with leading-edge technologies and strategic consulting services. 

Strategic Goals and our Objectives
• To offer affordable security services with very competitive pricing.
• To place the safety and security of our clients and their properties first and foremost.
• To offer a single source of security management and accountability.
• To stand behind every product or service that we provide and pro-actively address all issues that may arise in the performance of our duties.
• To be a local firm that operates 24/7 live dispatch and not an answering machine.
• To deliver the security service that we agree upon with our clients.
• To engage scheduled coordinators for every site to cater for the needs of our clients.
• To have 24/7 mobile field supervisors to support and monitor our site officers.
• To provide each client with trained security guards to meet specific site requirements and provide further advanced training.
• To motivate staff who achieve targets.